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Reflections at the Aisle: Embracing Emotions, Faith, and Responsibilities as a Husband

Love + Relationships

The question that I often get is “What was going through your mind as she was walking down the aisle?” I was overwhelmed with so many emotions..

1.) I started reflecting on our entire journey. Like all of the ups and obstacles we were able to overcome together.

2.) I was reminded of the dreams and visions that God gave me of this very moment happening in real-time.

3.) The fact that we waited and I knew we were going to finally “worship” together in a few hours lol but no honestly, I do believe us waiting to have sex until marriage played a role in that moment as well. It’s kind of hard to explain but it was like a spiritual alignment that we cultivated from that experience.  Also, like a feeling of accomplishment, like wow we really did it.

4.) This is also kind of hard to articulate but I almost felt like God was bringing his daughter to me, like I’m entrusting you with her for the rest of her life. So I felt honored and humbled in that moment also.

Overall, It was honestly one of my favorite moments from the entire day because I just felt like I entered into a new level of manhood. I’m now responsible to protect and provide for her. And not just protect her physically, but also spiritually and emotionally.

Just want to encourage all of my husbands and future husbands this morning to be reminded of our why. The enemy hates marriage so he consistently does everything he can to destroy families but as the priest of our households, we have to do everything he can to protect our homes. Be sure to Pray over your wife, over your children, and over your home. Let’s protect what’s ours!

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Love + Relationships

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