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Keon Hill is a transformative Christian Millennial leader dedicated to helping people discover God through inspiration, authenticity, and vulnerability, inspiring individuals to live purposefully and keep faith at the forefront.

Keon Hill

Portrait of Keon Hill sittingPortrait of Keon HillPortrait of Keon Hill sitting

inspiring lives through
Authenticity and Vulnerability

Keon Hill is an influential leader dedicated to fostering positive change in the world through the art of effective communication, exemplary leadership, and a steadfast commitment to his faith in Jesus Christ. Raised in Prince George's County, Maryland, as a preacher’s kid, he was instilled with fundamental values of dreaming big and prioritizing God from an early age. Drawing from these principles, Keon has spearheaded a pioneering approach to educational excellence at New Chapel Christian Academy (NCCA),where he currently serves as Principal. His tenure at NCCA is marked by a dedication to student success and an unwavering belief in the power of aspiring for greater heights without settling for mediocrity. Keon's commitment to community service is evident through various initiatives. In 2018, he organized a community shoe drive, collecting and donating 350 pairs of shoes to a local shelter in Annapolis, Maryland. Additionally, during his Master's studies, Keon participated in Howard's Alternative Spring Break program in Accra, Ghana. This experience fueled his passion for community service, prompting a successful fundraiser upon his return, resulting in the collection of 150+ books and electronic devices for Pram Pram Elementary School in Accra. His community engagement extends to hosting the annual 'Dream Talk' event from 2016 to 2020. This initiative involved a panel of young African-American leaders sharing their dreams and the hurdles they overcame, inspiring others to pursue their aspirations. As a speaker, leader, and content creator, Keon Hill remains devoted to inspiring individuals to live their best lives while emphasizing the importance of keeping God at the forefront of all endeavors. In his leisure time, Keon enjoys exploring new dining experiences with his wife, engaging in fashion, spending quality moments with family and friends, and actively participating in or enjoying basketball. Keon graduated from Howard University in 2016, earning a Bachelor of Science in Human Development as a student-athlete on the Men's Basketball team. He continued his education at Howard, acquiring a Master's degree from the School of Psychology and Counseling Services. Keon is happily married to his best friend, Destiny Hill.

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our love story:
journey 2 the Hills

Keon and Destiny's love story began on Instagram. Destiny discovered Keon through his live broadcasts and decided to follow him. Keon reciprocated the gesture, and the rest, as they say, is history. After a few direct messages, they exchanged phone numbers, and FaceTime conversations became a regular part of their connection. Keon wasted no time planning their inaugural meeting, driving all the way from Maryland to Delaware to Philadelphia. Their first date took place on April 24th, marking the beginning of a love story that has remained unbroken since. From day one, they've been committed to keeping Jesus Christ at the center of their marriage, proudly identifying as two millennial Christians dedicated to furthering the kingdom through their union. Their joint venture, the "Journey 2 The Hills Podcast," is a testament to their faith, where they generously share insights from their marriage with love, humor, and vulnerability. In their free time, Keon and Destiny enjoy exploring new restaurants, embarking on adventures together, and sharing their passion for basketball. Their shared journey in faith and love is a testament to the power of keeping Christ at the heart of their marriage.

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Portrait of Keon Hill and Destiny HillPortrait of Keon Hill and Destiny Hill hugging

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prioritize love as the foundation of your marriage, mirroring the unconditional love shown by Christ.

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